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Women Who Choose Not To Have A Child Must be Awarded – Sadhguru

Questioner: So what are the arguments that you would give
for a woman who doesn’t want to bear a child. Sadhguru: She needs to be awarded. We’re ensuring that our children cannot live
well on this planet by producing more children. Superscript: Women Who Choose Not To Have A Child
Must be Awarded – Sadhguru Questioner: For a woman who chooses
not to be a mother who doesn’t want…. Sadhguru: Oh I will give you award (Laughter). Questioner 1: So she has chosen you as an advocate
for a case and you have to fight her case. So what are the…. Sadhguru: I am sorry. I didn’t get that. Questioner 1: So there’s a woman….
who doesn’t want to be a mother, Sadhguru: Yeah, she doesn’t want to have a child. Questioner 1: And she has chosen you as an advocate
for her case and you have to fight her case. So what are the arguments that you would give
for a woman who doesn’t want to bear a child. Sadhguru: I said she needs to be awarded. I have already announced in India. Young women who are capable of child bearing,
chose not to do it, we will institute an award for them because right now the greatest
serviceyou can do in the world is you are not extra populating this planet,
okay (Laughter/Applause)? If…. Suppose you were a tiger woman, I mean to say a female tiger, then I would have encouraged you
please breed, please breed (Laughs) because it’s an endangered species. Well you know see we are not endangered (Laughter). Wherever you go there is a crowd. Well, to protect a nation you have to build
a wall otherwise people are coming. Obviously there’s too much (Laughter/Applause). Obviously there is too much
population everywhere, isn’t it? So this is something we need to
look at in a very fundamental way. This is happening because the need, the need is inbuilt. The reproductive need is a very inbuilt need. Whatever arguments they have
at one point the body dictates. Fortunately there’s a lot of pain and stuff involved. Otherwise I don’t know what would have happened. So this need if one has to transcend
instead of forcefully putting it down, if your identity naturally shifts beyond your biological self, you will see these needs will completely disappear. Right now I want people to understand
what you’re looking for is not a child. What you’re looking for is involvement. Right now your problem is you simply cannot involve
with people unless they came out of your body. Your identity of biology is so strong
you can’t simply include this people as yours. Oh this one came from my body, this is mine, this (Gestures). This is because you’re trapped in your own biology.
That’s all it is. Why should it fall out of your body, not necessary? Human being has the ability. This is a animal instinct. This instinct is needed for the
survival of the race of course but now the survival of the race depends
on consciously controlling the population a little bit. From the beginning of 20th century, in 1910
our population was just 1.58 billion. Lets Say 1.6 billion. Today we are 7.6 billion. By 2050, they’re estimating we will be 10.3 billion. When it’s 10.3 billion,
I don’t want to be around (Laughter). Hello? I wanted you just to imagine,
another rise in the world’s population. You can imagine what all problems you will face. We’re ensuring that our children cannot live
well on this planet by producing more children. It is very, very important. We must understand why this has happened is
not just because of unbridled reproduction. No that it is not true, it’s controlled. It is simply because our life expectancy
is extending itself. It’s fantastic. For example in India, when the British left India
our life expectancy was twenty eight years. How many of you are over
twenty five, twenty eight I’m sorry. So you are all dead (Laughter). That’s what it meant. I want you to understand, twenty eight years. Today it has reached seventy which is a phenomenal achievement
in seventy years of independence. (Applause) So when we take death into our hands,
should we not take birth into our hands? I’m not propounding any philosophy.
I’m just talking simple arithmetic. Hello? When we take death into our hands,
should we not take birth into our hands? If we don’t do that, if we do not consciously contain our
population, nature we will do it to us in a very cruel way. You want to wait for that day? You can but being human beings it
will be nice if we do it consciously isn’t it?

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. I believe in this..may be,I will stay single my entire life..but ya,that's my choice,my way of freedom:)
    And I am ready to face all the challenges I come across in this journey…luv from India..namaskar sadhguru:)

  2. humans are too basic. there are some smart people in this world but the whole race will bring themselves down in the end.

  3. We welcome ur word sir but a message u have of send the women if they don't chose to have a child. But there are so many orphan are living in world. So to adopt a child

  4. Well i have a plan. Give the population 10 months of time. If after 10months a person having 1child bears another then those parents are needed to be killed publically. I know it sounds cruel but it is an amazing solution. And the child lives with relatives or orphanage. And make prostitution legal completely. So that rape and extra population can be avoided.

  5. Some religions are still promoting and advising their worshippers to bear more and more children. Even incentivizing this.

  6. Hey , if you already have lived in family and enjoying with friends then no need to marry because your expectation are high.some people never had lived in family they want marriage live with someone atleast one person .neglected by own family .

  7. i think all illiterate women and men shouldnt have children beacuse they are th biggest source of population explosion and problems in india. all th educated well spoken and good people should have children

  8. Not having children was the best decision i ever made ….for the earth and for me. I'm currently travelling the world and enjoying the freedom of having no dependants. Award enough 🙂

  9. only few intelligents who are eligible of boring a child will understand sadguru n follow it.. and rest will tease him,and produce idiots…

  10. i feel the same way about child baring and india's population, but whenever i bring up this topic the other person always say "there's something wrong with you, mentally or even sexually, for choosing that"..

    I think government of India must establish some rules regarding population control but i'm very sure there will be a HUGE backlash from the people and media, for even SUGGESTING something of that sort.. So, first work that has to be done before that, is to bring people to an understanding and acceptance about population control.. I've tried to do that few times, and i've failed miserably everytime..

  11. I strongly agree with you Sadhguru ji!! There are so many orphans who need a family.. It is high time people must behave as responsible and take this current senario into their understanding and adopt child rather than reproducting their own. All are equal and we must love everyone.

  12. Yaa but at the same time their are human species which breeds like hogs just to conquer and as a civilization their contribution to humanity ,science is despicable .If sane people stop producing kids we will be left with idiots who would call earth flat .

  13. so what you are basicly saying is that small people and nations should have children-while like india and china should not….i guess some countries small nations should protect their own kind!

  14. Enlightening. I chose not to have kids 25 years ago, due to many reasons, among which overpopulation. This is the first time I feel validated. Thank you 🙏🙏🙏

  15. Thelivu Guruvin Thirumeni Kandal 
    Thelivu Guruvin Thiruvarthai Kettal 
    Thelivu Guruvin Thirunamam Seppal 
    Thelivu Guruvin Thiruvuru Sinthithal Thane


    [By seeing the Guru's form one gets clarity 
    By hearing the Guru's words one gets clarity 
    By uttering the Guru's name one gets clarity 
    By contemplating on the Guru's form one gets clarity]

  16. I think most of the people who is commenting is not getting his point of view. He is mentioning not to have own biological child but to adopt one. So those who proudly saying they never married, never had child but just slept around with protections. Nope his not promoting that.

  17. If non Muslims decided not to plan child because high population growth . Muslims take it as opportunity to conquer the world by increasing population and make world Islamic .

  18. I love this video. I have seen it multiple times. I love children and the idea of having one is nice, but with how expensive everything is and having to work full time, I would not be able to spend the time I would like to in raising one. As a teacher, I feel I am already fulfilling my desire to positively influence youth.

  19. I had been waited for this word..but it's already late..anyway at least nowI m going to be consious.. through society garbage.. follow his words..

  20. My uncle was telling me that in his town Bokaro an ad appeared that needed men of all ages to go to some neighboring country, all expenses paid, to impregnate women there because they had low childbirth rates. Men, of all ages, some as old as 80+ enthusiastically applied.
    Later they were devastated when the ad was found to be a practical joke.
    We Indians are proud of our high fertility rate. There is nothing else for us/

  21. Planet's rich folks are not doing anything for the climate, because they are hoping that it becomes so severe that nature culls India's population. Then India's population reduced to a decent size of about 300 million or so, they will work towards improving environment because success will then have a chance.

  22. It’s choice better left to individuals. If you want to propagate you can put a limit. Sadhguru should have set the example himself.

  23. The greatest service is done by medical doctors and dentists. Without teeth and health life becomes impossible. Nothing can ever replace practical help.

  24. Yessss …why bring children … it's just a soul trapped in this physical world because of his karma,maya..I don't want to trap a soul by bringing a children..We are already trapped here…Our main Goal is to go back to the source so why bring more souls to make the problem more complicated.

  25. 💖I knew about it all "my" life!!!! I eed,I want,I need,I want…..all the time! Who is "Me"? It is time to wake up!!!🤸‍♀️💕

  26. I'm so glad I read all the comments. I'm not married as yet. I hope I can get over this fear to conform which is actually stemming from within to be honest. I love kids, been a teacher so my desire is satisfied already. I hope this 'need' that Sadguru ji talks off goes away. I'm praying to God to take it away. For all the wonderful ppl in the comments section hats off to you..I learnt so much from u all

  27. I totally agree that we are bringing our own child b/s we need involvement and we chose to involve with the people considered as "ours". I think the core task is to redefine "OURS" in a broader way "human beings as ONE".

  28. There was a sadhu, who won't advise a child to abstain from sweet because he himself couldn't stay away from it. But alas gone are those days..

  29. I agree. You all should stop having children. We should support birth control in developing countries. Large numbers of children were allways supported by the reigning to have a good supply for their military.
    On one hand one day you will be gone and nothing will remain of you. And on the other hand there will be more space for todays children. I think its a win-win. You have your carefree and responsiblefree live. And todays children dont have to deal with people with a childfree-mindset.

  30. How the birth control mechanism will be established? Will it be less harsh than the way Nature by itself is going to fulfill? How you are going to convince every human-being in the validity of this idea?

  31. Asian and African nations should stop reproducing. We don't have problem with overpopulation in Europe. Our families usually consists of 1-2 children. Muslims who immigrate to Europe are threatening us that they will overpower us by 2050 because they usually have big families consisting of 4-5 children. Do not come to us if you do not know how to respect the country who took you in, fed you and educated you.

  32. One day a lady came to Mahatma Gandhi with her 10 year old son. She told Gandhi, ” my son has a bad habit of eating a lot of jaggery. I have been telling him to reduce eating jaggery but he does not listen to me. Mahatma ji, the whole nation listens to you and you are a revered personality. I am sure my son too will follow your advice. Please tell him not to eat too much of jaggery.” Mahatma Gandhi thought for a while and asked the lady to bring her son again after a week. After a week , the lady again took her son to Mahatma. Mahatma Gandhi put his hand on the head of the boy and told him, “My dear child, don’t eat jaggery too much. It can be harmful”.

    The conversation ended. The puzzled lady asked Mahatma, ” Bappu, this was simple. You could have told him the same thing last week itself, Why you made us come again after a week ?” Mahatma told the lady,” I myself used to take jaggery till last week. I needed a weeks’ time to quit eating jaggery so that I could counsel your son with conviction”.

    This is probably why Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the World”.

    How to make this old man understand: he is was the reason for his daughter Radhe: Carry old man disguising public, classic way after all.

  33. I too will not have kid…sadhguru..if anyone asks me y.?…..i will reply to them tht, am ensuring, just to protect your children…🙏

  34. Sadguru Then you should award atleast brahmakumari sisters and organizations for this great work and the purpose is not only to control population but to make world viceless. It's great going, visit atleast once there you will feel aliens in body of human beings

  35. No need sadguru nature will take care of everything because today's many people not having children because of fertility problems don't worry nature know everything
    What we give to nature definitely nature will return it
    Because we are exploiting nature we are facing many problems from nature
    Water scarcity is the biggest upcoming problem
    And you said life expectancy is 70 buy from childhood itself depending on chemicals not natural

  36. I am a 34 year old woman and chose to not have children and left my corporate career to become a special needs teacher. I am very happy and satisfied now. Having said that it was not very easy to convince my family and relatives but I'm not looking back.

  37. This may make the world less populius in the short term. But, what will happen is that all the women who can overcome their animal instincts and not have children will eventually die off. The women who cannot overcome this instinct will reproduce and their children will carry the genes that make them less capable of resisting the natural urge to have children. This will occur over several generations until the urge is so strong that it is irresistable. This process is called evolution. Mother nature will continue your species if you cooperate and reproduce, otherwise you and your genetics will go into the dust in of history. Suppose all most of the women in India stop having children. All that will happen is that groups that are religeously motivated to have many children will fell the gap. The population may fall in the short term, but as the culture of not having children dies out, the culture that wants many children will take over and the population will rise again. Sadhguru is very mystical and all, but here he is flat wrong.

  38. Any woman who has destroyed another's child in previous births, surely becomes childless or barren in this life. (Padma Purana, Brahma Khanda 5.10)

  39. I want to have kids..not from self…but those who are abandoned and without parents..just waiting to be self sufficient financially…

  40. Beyond the reproductive need, there is a brain. And she can use it. They should be awarded for being egoless. What he doesnt talk about (deliberately) is the future of the human condition: more slavery and control. And he talks about population reduction, which is one of the goals of the New World Order . Yes babe, the future will be a paradise, and you will see it through the eyes of your children.

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