Welcome to the adoption of my Webkinz Poodle. Poodles originate from France, which is why I named her Paris. So let’s take a closer look at her. She’s wearing an official Webkinz clothing piece called the gathered top, and a tutu. Here we can see her tail which ends in a tuft of fur. On her left side, Paris has her magic W. Paris has longer fur near her feet, on her ears, and here. There are many other poodles in Webkinz World including the lil’ Kinz Poodle, Black Poodles, Pink Poodles, Rockerz Poodle, Poofy Poodle and Poshy Poodle, which sadly I don’t have. This is what Paris looks like online. Here’s her certificate of adoption. And now let’s learn a little bit about her, from her biography. Hi, I’m Paris. I’m so happy you picked me out! I’ve been told that I am smart and great in school. I think playing video games is the best! I’m best friends with a Chickadee. If it was my birthday, I’d love to eat Pizza, and get a Doll House. Time to open Paris’ gift box. I got a Yellow Welcome Balloon, her pretty PSI and a bonus gift box, which I’ll open right now. Finally, some much needed Kinzcash! All right, let’s feed Paris. Her PSF is the Lobster Kibble Bisque. And now I’ll put her PSI, which is the Pretty Poodle Vanity into her room. Let’s put these two decorations on it. Okay, I think this looks pretty good. Now let’s see her taking classes in the Kinzville Academy. Here she is doing track & field, lifting weights, running, and cooking up some pancakes. Bye for now!

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  1. poodles are from Germany poodle is a German word for water dog but some poodle breeds come from France but the original poodles are german

  2. and plus your poodles best friend is a chickadee sweet our first pet is a chickadee he was adopted almost 7 years ago and his name is conan

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