Social Security began as a response to the Great Depression. “This Social Security measure gives a least some protection to
30 millions of our citizens.” And ever since then, it has assisted the lives of
millions of Americans in need. But over the next 20 years, an average of 10,000 baby boomers a day will apply for Social Security. When you are young and working, a portion of your tax
dollars are set aside in a gigantic pot called Social Security. The more you earn, the more you contribute and the higher your
allotment when you retire, or if you are disabled, a
dependent or a beneficiary. Wow, what a great plan! But there is a snag. Americans are not having as
many children as they used to. Meaning there will be
less people contributing into the pot of money
that is Social Security. That means funds for future
generations could run out. But this has happened before. In the 1980’s, Social Security reserves were nearly depleted. So, Congress increased the
retirement age from 65 to 67 and started to begin taxing
benefits based on income levels. This stabilized things for a while, but Social Security’s cash
flow has been negative since 2010, meaning the program is paying out more than it’s taking in. At this current rate,
Congress has about 16 years left to fix Social Security.

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  1. I don’t believe that…… why send billions of dollars out of space when here on earth it’s not doing to well…

  2. It's because money keeps getting taken out of it to pay for dumb shit, and the money taken out never gets replaced

  3. You take it from the rich sample no money is taken from the rich at the moment actually the opposite they get benefits of vast amounts. business transactions like shares will bring in big Revenue half percent revenue on each share transaction

  4. the government never runs out of anything for themselves. they only let the public supply run out so the people will commit more crimes, kill each other themselves, and eat each other. the government is absolutely useless and good for nothing. evil lives and works in high places while the good suffer and starve in low places for now but in the end times the old poor will be rich in the spirit and the old rich will become poor in the flesh.

  5. Millions of allegedly disabled people who start collecting in their 30's are draining the system. This lady in my neighborhood stop working when she was 50 cause the doctor told her she had bone cancer. She just turned 75 an she mows her own lawn with a push mower. Her cancer has been in remission for 25 years. I know people who are in their 30' collecting.

  6. You neglected to mention how much of Social Security money the government borrows and never pays back. And I don’t believe we’re running out of money for Social security .

  7. There is an easy fix. Just raise the earning limit that is subject to SS contributions. Bernie Sanders has mentioned this and supports this move that would expand coverage for all retirees.

  8. Stupid video trying to distract you from whose hand is sneaky sneaky going inside that piggy bank of the social security and stealing the money. You should know, or should I say it? LoL israel. Ops sorry that anti semetic. It’s of course the gov( Wall Street and banks and corporations and crooked politicians).

  9. hOW MUCH HAS GONE ONCORPORATE WELFARE? Most taxpayer money. Big Pharma gouges millions of taxpayer funds every year in one form or another.

  10. Social Security will be Solvent in its current form until 2050. It is not and, never has been, dependent on tax payer contributions.

  11. All of that may be so.
    Failure to mention massive fraud, embezzlement, mismanagement of market funding & tax fraud, stories that have been in the news, does not make this an informative article.

  12. Great 16 years! We'll all be dead from the apocolypse. Parable of the fig tree and the generation that will not pass until the rapture happens, then there is 7 years of tribulation, and end of the world. Isreal became a nation in 1948, 71 years ago. Highest mortality rate is like 80 years old (US). So anyone feel like erecting a statue?

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