(dramatic music) – [Narrator] In the middle
of a political upheaval, one Ukrainian zookeeper set
out to make a difference in his own way, on the private estate of an ousted president. (mellow music) Sergey used to be a
zoologist at the Kiev Zoo. (Sergey speaking in foreign language) – [Narrator] One night in
2014, he was watching the news and learned that amidst the chaos, Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych had fled his compound in Mezhyhirya, leaving his private zoo behind. (Sergey speaking in foreign language) – [Narrator] When he
arrived, Sergey was stunned by the huge opulent estate and saw the animals needed desperate care. (Sergey speaking in foreign language) – [Narrator] What he thought
might be just a few days, has turned into four years. (Sergey speaking in foreign language) – [Narrator] Today, Sergey
and a handful of volunteers take care of thousands
of animals on the estate. (Sergey speaking in foreign language) (mellow piano music) – [Narrator] The zoo is slowly growing, and Sergey has big hopes for the future. (Sergey speaking in foreign language) (bright music)

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  1. Sad that the establishment didn't care for these animals, although given the circumstances it's understandable, but mad levels of respect for this man and his beautiful dream

  2. Maybe this is a dumb question but wouldn't it be better if some of the animals got transported to other locations with the help of volunteers? Pretty sure ostriches and kangaroos aren't fans of snow and frost.

  3. Someone like him is a hero to me, l but I can't help wondering where the funding, money coming from. How does he pay his own bills? How does he pay for the food for animals??

  4. This must cost an absolute fortune to care for all of these animals, especially for poor Ukrainians who earn perhaps $100 a month. That to me also makes this much more impressive!

  5. Wow! Bless his heart for being so dedicated to all these creatures. Aww, wish we could go there for vacation and volunteer, I love animals. I hope that some funding can be established to preserve this sight so the animals can have better quality of life and be appreciated by more people.

  6. Wow I thought they got rid of the last Czar in 1917 did not know there was one in the Ukraine. Thanks to this man who is doing so good for these beautiful animals..>What kind of dogs were those in the video they were beautiful.

  7. This man is a true hero. And Ukraine, one question – why didn't anybody care for the animals once the zoo has been found out? Aren't there any animal rights acitivist in your country? Does anyone even care about animal lives out there?

  8. I hope that if someone did buy that estate they will hire him to be the national park ranger or manager or something to give back to him. Since he probably spend his own money to feed the animals

  9. Why you put "speaking in foreign language" text on youtube subtitle? It's blocking the subtitle from the video

  10. i love your channel I would very much like to come and work for you guys when i finish my degree

  11. I love the amazing work he is doing here!
    he needs to get the emus off of the snow, though, their feet aren't built for it as they are Australian birds.

  12. They look great thanks to you there's a film about ex jugoslaviske zoo whom a man feed the zoo
    In war i hope Ukraine is respected as independent v both sides

  13. That feeling when your native language is Russian and you need to read the English subtitles in order to understand the Ukrainian language.

  14. That's so cool. I hope he makes it into a national park or at least a small zoo like park to allow visitors into who view his work

  15. This is why I'm hooked on Great Big Story. They highlight the good stories that rarely would have had the recognition they deserve.

  16. America People: We Adopt kids!!
    Russin/Ukraine people: We will adopt the whole freakin zoo!!
    But good job to my man Sergey

  17. This is amazing and superbly sad all at one time. How are those ostriches surviving in the Ukraine!? This man is my own personal hero. I'd like to know where to donate.

  18. Good for Zoologist. Sergey and the wonderful volunteers who take care of all these animals…Loads of good karma are headed your way.. Hopefully the local politicians will make his idea a reality by creating a natural reserve opened to all the Ukrainian people….Maybe, you can name it after this great man…. Sergey Natural reserve,…….

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