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discounts. So unfortunately a lot of us are separated
from the ones we love right now. Grandparents are separated from grandchildren,
aunts and uncles from nieces and nephews and even parents from their kids. These children might be at the age where you
normally would want to read a book to them. That’s something that you can do using your
Apple devices. Now you may already be using FaceTime on your
Mac, your iPhone, or your iPad to video chat with them. But there’s a way to use two Macs to be able
to read a story to them. It’s basically using Screen Sharing through
the Messages app. Typically you might use this in business to
show a presentation or you might use it to walk somebody through a problem they’re having
with their Mac. But you could also bring up a book and have
that as the content on the screen that you’re sharing. So the first thing you probably want to do
is go to the Books app and get a book to read to them. There are many free books in the Apple Book
Store and of course plenty of kids book you can purchase as well. Once you have that ready to go the next thing
you want to do is start a chat with them in Messages. Now it’s important that you be using a Mac
and they are also using a Mac. Unfortunately you can’t screen share from
a Mac to an iOS device or vice versa. The first step is to go to the Messages app
and start a regular Messages conversation with the other computer. So you want to know their Apple ID. So we’ll start that here and just send a quick
message to get going. You’ll get a notification on their computer
and if they have the Messages app open already they’ll see it appear there. Now you can start off by some texting back
and forth. For Share Screening you can go to two different
places. One is you can go to Buddies and then you
can go to Invite to Share my Screen. Or you can click on Details up here and then
click this little button and Invite to Share My Screen. Either one will bring up a message on their
computer that will ask them if it’s OK. They hit Accept and now you’ll be sharing
screens. Not only will you be sharing screens but audio
as well. So everything you speak into the microphone
on your Mac, they’ll hear on theirs and anything they say you’ll hear on yours. So it turns it into an audio call. On their side of things they will see a window
where the screen sharing appears. They get some controls here at the top. Scaling you want to leave here. That will scale it into the size of the window. Chances are you both don’t have the same size
screen so this is the best option. If you have multiple screens on your Mac they
are going see all of them so you want to instruct them to be able to go displays and select
only the display that contains the content you want to show them. They could easily click the green button here
into full screen mode. Basically their entire screen then is mirroring
yours. At this point you can go to the Books app
and you can bring up the book just like you would if you were going to read it yourself. You can also click the green button here to
take this full screen so they see it there. You can select any book you want. You can use some of these settings up here
to say increase the size of the text, change the background. Anything you see on your screen is just going
to be mirrored on theirs. You can also use your cursor and they’ll see
it on their screen as well. You can highlight text and they’ll see it
on their screen. It’s just mirroring your screen to theirs. Which gives you a lot of flexibility to be
able to do things like you were there with them. Highlighting and pointing to things. When you’re finished you can end this from
either side. Here if you’re in full screen mode you can
go to the top. Click the green button again so you’re not
in full screen mode anymore. Then in the menu up here you can go and End
Screen Sharing. Likewise they can do it from their end as
well. Go to the top of the screen and hit the green
button so now they’re back in a mode where they have a window. They can go and simply click the red button
here and close screen sharing and that will close it out and you can see they’ve disconnected. You’re still here where you can continue to
chat with them. The real advantage that this has over say
just using FaceTime and holding the book and reading to them is if they’re old enough to
really follow along with the words. So it’s more of an educational experience
than just say a bedtime story. You can show them any educational content
really. You could show them things to help them with
homework. You could bring up websites and go through
them together. You could bring up other apps. Like say a Kindle app. If you have books that are part of Amazon’s
Kindle ecosystem, rather than Apple books, you can certainly bring up the free Kindle
app and have access to your library there. Also a lot of local libraries have the ability
where you can view the content online. So check with your local library. Go to their website. You may be able to setup an account using
your library card and then take out books virtually. See them on your screen and if you can see
them on your screen you could share them this way and read them to children remotely. Also remember kids love photos. You can show them photos from the Photos app
or a gallery online of photos of animals, nature, things like that. You two can talk about them. It’s a great way to share an experience when
you can’t be together. Naturally if the kids are too young to know
how to do some of these things working with the adult that’s there with them will help
to get things started and also to finish things up at the end. It would be great if you could also video
chat while also sharing your screen. Kind of combine FaceTime and Screen Sharing. Now there are some higher end business conferencing
apps that can do this. So if you have something like that available
you might want to try it. This is a quick and easy way to be able to
read a book with a child, if you both have Macs, just using the Messaging app in Screen

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  1. Wonderful way to be with the ones you love and another great lesson from our Mac genius!! Great way to share with family and friends, Shalom!!

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