“Bacon” that is not picky yet.
Oh! His name is “Bacon”! Holy cow! It’s poop! My house where puppy fur flies because it is not clean yet. She’s tiny.
It’s so cute when it’s so fast and fast.Hahaha What are you? Do you want to play too? I guess the other puppies are still unfamiliar. “Bacon”! Guys, guys, guys. I was wondering why our first child was here.
You’re out for gum. She tried to sneak it away and failed. She’s only been born three months.
It’s full of energy. Well, what are you eating? Cute~ Let’s go to bed. Let’s play tomorrow. The short legs are so cute.
She’s hurting my heart. a cute little fellow who feeds on crumbs. Do you have any thoughts on giving me more? I don’t want to! Go! Give me some~ Let’s share! Go! I don’t want to share! Oh yeah! Crush! Why are you eating so well? “Moon” that left the dog gum in a panic. “Moon”~~ “Moon”~~ Take it away from me. Hurry up. It’s mine! You can’t even eat.
But she is so cute. Here, this is yours.
Give it to me!! Come on!!
If someone picked it up, I’d say no!

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