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  1. I don't ever want to take anybody's identity but I did it for like I can't remember how long in 2015 I made up an alter ego and it was a Russian Ruble. I don't want to talk about it

  2. People need to stop posting every intimate detail of there lives online, these kind of deeply personal pictures should be kept sacred

  3. I guess everyone one has a right to post what they want on the net and they should feel comfortable doing so. however, it would be wise to be cautious of over sharing every micro movement you make each day especially when the account isn’t even properly secured. If you wouldn’t stand on the street and broadcast intimate details of your life why do so on the world wide platform? There are unhinged people out there that feel it’s ok to do unhinged things. Keep them out and keep it private.

  4. A wise woman once said something along the lines of, "if you release it to the world, you have to let it go. It is no longer yours."

  5. DON'T POST YOUR PREGNANCY PHOTOS ON SOCIAL MEDIA. I don't understand what ppl don't understand about this. It happens too often and it's dangerous
    I'm 34wks pregnant and I refuse to post photos on the internet for this very reason!

  6. I cannot comprehend why pregnant woman publish their personal, intimate Photographs of themselves in social media. This is very stupid thing to do, it risks them and endanger their lives and future baby's life. Some woman that don't have baby might be jealous of them, other woman might try to prophet money from their pictures. Efrat, Israel 😊

  7. People are obsessed with sharing their personal lives on social media to millions of people then act shocked when their information is stolen 🤦🏻‍♀️

  8. She should be arrested for identity theft! She has to be prosecuted for her crimes! If she is mentally ill then she should be admitted for psychiatric help.

  9. Omg I hate ppl who do this! It's not fun! It's really hard to adopt bc you have to be picked by someone. My cousin had a baby and decided to let my husband and I adopt her child which was a blessing and we are currently looking to adopt another child and have considered adopting a child from foster care bc there is no mother to change her mind or someone like this playing with ppls emotions

  10. This is why people are against pregnancy pictures. Being posted and why for safety of a newborn and the parents shouldn't post pictures

    It's a shame that people can't post a photo of their baby without worrying….

  11. How long do you think it will take for anything to be done about social media ,and the lack of protective laws around it ;l ?? people are just having their lives ruined through it, and the law's response is legit just to victim blame. wtaffff

  12. Don't post anything on social media. Weirdos are everywhere but many of them use other people post to "bank" on them. Financial gratification or self gratification. She is mentally unstable and manipulative, preying on couples who would do anything to adopt. Nobody in their right mind would do a such deceptive act.

  13. Somebody is going to snap and hurt her one of these times! You are dealing with emotions and hurting people who are already overwhelmed!

  14. I can't stress it enough : stop posting private children related stuff on public social media. Those psychos are everywhere.

  15. How miserable is ones own life to do this to others?! It makes me want to scream. It’s infuriating that Gabby is doing this to these people.

  16. How about not putting your pregnancy photos/ ultrasound proof on the social media? People know about dark web, fake identities, fake accounts and they STILL do it just to show off, like they're the only ones who reproduce. How about keeping some stuff for yourselves for a change…

  17. If you don’t want your photos out there don’t post them on public social networking sites where you can literally download any picture you see.

  18. If you don't want people to steal your pics stop putting it all over social media.
    It is wrong that Gabby stole them but many people like her exist. They have no morals. They will steal, lie, and have no care regarding the damage they leave in their wake.

  19. That’s why you have to be so careful when posting personal photos on social media. There are just way too many scams these days. Always think twice before posting ANYTHING!

  20. You opened yourself up to this by posting online,what's in your make up to think it was a good idea,half of this is your fault and now others are affected by your stupid decision

  21. Instead of blaming the women for posting pictures because it's their right to do so, let's blame oh, I don't know, THE SCAMMER! Damn, some of you guys really are dumb if you think the victims "asked" for this to happen.

  22. There are women out there who will go extreme lengths to get a child knowing they’re not pregnant. There’s a couple of women on Deadly Women who killed a pregnant woman and took the newborn child and it scares me to think that this monster could potentially end up doing the same thing….

  23. Unfortunately something like this happened to me. I was fundraising for my sick daughter who is fighting cancer for the second time. This lady stole my pictures from gofundme and started saying it was her daughter & how all these high end expensive things would make her feel better. The only reason i found out is another person messaged me confronting me. I did call the police and reported everything. That night i held my sick daughter close and just cried. People who do this are sick and horrible.

  24. Why on Gods earth do you post something so intimate and personal on an open forum ???? and, then be surprised when something weird happens….! ! ! Social media, posts will be out there FOREVER…. THINK about what your doing…and the consequences.

  25. Apart from the obvious unlawful identity theft, maybe, just maybe, don't post pictures like that with public access on social media? You wouldn't chat random strangers on the street and let them see your naked pregnant belly, why are you doing it online?! Not everybody needs to see every intimate detail of your life. It can clearly backfire on you. Smh

  26. Why can nothing be done legally?
    In one video they said it’s because she never asked them for money
    It said she never asked, but did they send any without being asked?

  27. Ok, someone needs to develop social media laws better. Because I’m so tired of hearing stories of things that off social media would definitely be illegal, yet law enforcement would say social media makes it ok. Seriously, what the actual heck?

  28. This girl is a recluse who probably doesn't leave the house much, she isn't going to come to steal your baby nor is an adoptive family gonna insist that you hand your child over because they adopted it already. That's not even how adoption works. I know it feels like a violation to have someone do this to you however, when you put all this stuff on social media for the world to see, we know people that are strangers will see them unless you make them private. Some people document their entire lives on social media, I am not ine of those who shares much of my personal business. My father passed away 2 weeks ago today and we shared that so that his friends in the community would know.

  29. I’m disgusted. I am adopted. Mine was closed however. My biological mother decided last minute. Her and her boyfriend were in college and really just too young. I was born Fourth of July weekend and they called my parents last minute to ask. They got my brother but were told having a second work out is difficult. Too many others who don’t have one. Because I was last minute new parents weren’t through the classes or inspections so my parents were first on the list. This woman is awful. How sick

  30. This has to be stopped or else this will escalate where she will actually steal a newborn and sell the baby….DId they even go to police to report ? hopefully she is caught by the cops and sent away for a long time.
    Social media is so bad i don't understand why someone will post these precious photos on it. I'm glad i don't use social media at all.

  31. I hope someday people realize how toxic and destructive social media can be and learn that posting personal information of any kind can be dangerous. As technology advances, humanity declines.

  32. Kyndra is most definitely not on dope and she is not a fake person. People are allowed to post their pregnancy pictures and ultrasound pictures on Facebook. It’s one of the happiest moments of a mother’s life especially when it’s your first child. They’re gonna wanna show off the baby bump and the growth of it. All of y’all are hating on her and etc when it’s unnecessary. Some of y’all are grown and still are acting childish in ways that are ridiculous. You’re allowed to post freely on social media. What other people choose to do is on them, can’t blame the person who chose to post their pregnancy photos on Facebook. All of the people saying well don’t post the pregnancy pictures then, y’all are basically saying that what the lady did was okay and that it was Kyndras fault for wanting to show off her baby that she is so happy about. Kyndra did nothing wrong by posting her about her being pregnant. Leave her alone

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