Say hi. Hi, what day is it today? My birthday! Your birthday. It’s actually your birthday party. And tomorrow is your birthday, isn’t it? You want to tell everybody how old you’re turning? Six! He’s a big six-year-old guy Guys that’s not fair and you’re like spider-man, aren’t you? This guy loves spider-man. We’re having a spider-man party today We’ve got friends coming over and it’s gonna be so much fun. Isn’t it? Oh my god I can’t believe this kid is turning six. That’s insane. He’s still like a baby to me So like kind of having a hard time with the fact that he’s growing up so quickly, but it’s so exciting, isn’t it? Are you ready for your party? You’re ready for your friends to come over? Uh-huh? It’s gonna be so much fun guys. You want to show us the cupcakes? Yeah. Oh my goodness. Are they spider-man cupcakes? Yeah, we need to take those out and set them up. You want to help? Yes, let’s do it Woah, look at those! Our friends are here! Aww you brought balloons Happy birthday mooch
Say thank you I know we’re so excited. We were just getting the cupcakes out. Look at what our friends brought. Oh my goodness Look at those! Those are cool So I got a little spider-man cake for Ethan and then we have cupcakes to go around it because this is so so cute That is epic, did you hear him? He just said “that is EPIC” What does it say? Do you want to sound it out look says? Happy birthday And what is that? To you
No! You know how to spell this word. What is this? E-T-H-A-N Ethan! Ethan. Happy birthday, Ethan so we just got some pizzas in and Stephen is making his Infamous guacamole, because that’s always gonna be a thing every time we have a party That’s true You’re gonna have a party in texas. You gotta have guac in the bowl. Yeah you do I mean you guys know how much we love guacamole So we’re definitely not gonna skip out on that we did order pizzas this time Normally we cook but we’re going to China in a few days. And so we’re just keeping things pretty simple. Yes, and just easy. So I’m excited just to have some fun For, sure. Fun time hanging out with friends and just taking it easy and have an awesome spider-man party for our big boy Yayyy is it good? You like daddy’s guacamole. Oh we got it on our shirt That’s spider-man do you like spider-man? Yeah Me too That’s so cool. Is it good? Yeah You love the pineapple more? Me too. The pineapple is my favorite part of the pizza Do you guys all like pineapple pizza? No You don’t like pineapple pizza. Oh my gosh. I’m so sad. That’s okay. There’s lots of good flavors I like cheese, it’s my favourite. But I really like pineapple so I get one of each. Yeah, there you go then you get the best of both worlds *high pitch voice* What’s up *cute Stephen voice* What’s up guys Y’know what I mean We represent~ Ba-di-ba-dum, ba-di-ba-dum *helium voice* Hey guys
Hi, hi youtube friends hii Hey, are you excited for China? Yep, we’re literally leaving in less than three days three days Three days So exciting I waited two years to go back Yeah, we waited two years to go back and it’s finally here. That’s so exciting. You’re gonna show us around a bunch, aren’t you? Yeah.
She’s saying like she’s gonna do some of the vlogging like when we get to her hometown kind of show us around That’s really exciting Yep.
Can’t wait cause we have not seen my hometown. So there’s gonna be a really special experience for all of us, isn’t it? Yes, and also my middle school Yeah yeah, showing the school just everything cause she lived there for 12 years. And so there’s gonna be a lot of to see 12 years. Not, not a long but not a short time Yeah, that’s a good amount of time like there’s a lot to see and to just appreciate It’s gonna be so special, isn’t it?
Yup Lincoln! Lincoln singing a song over here I like it Good song That’s a good song Can you sing like that Jude? *Jude mimics Lincoln singing* oh, oh, look at this! Linky! Good job! You’re gonna do it? You’re gonna stand up? Oh you’re getting so strong! oh, good job! You love daddy I love you so much Our big birthday boy He gets so scared Linky, you wanna be thrown up? He’s like “do it to me daddy” Look at that He is, he’s like “me! me!” He’s so much harder to throw up He’s heavier I think He loves it so much He’s like throwing a really heavy sack of potatoes. Like a bag of concrete What baby? I love you I love you Ethan. Oh I love you so much My sweet sweet boy baby What’s going on here? Ohhhh, careful! Daddy’s crazy. Julian’s like “my turn!” Hold on! 1, 2, 3! Woahhhh That’s crazy. He’s so brave! Yeah he’s a little dizzy Give me, give me one little break Yeah, daddy’s tired Heyyyyy Come on in, friends! Lincoln! You’re excited? This is like, a part of the cake Which colour do you want? I’ll take the green What did you guys got? Sticky hands! Whoa, whoa, that’s hardcore *Happy birthday song* Yayyy Ethan! Are you guys picking out mustaches?
Yeah You got to take the sticky part off and stick it to your face. Are you gonna wear a mustache Julian? Oh what goodness? That’s so silly Whoa! Look at you! Oh my gosh, I love it. You look so handsome with the moustache Thank you! Oh my gosh, that’s so cute Wait I can’t move my lips Oh my gosh! I love it!! Gorgeous! Oh my goodness. Lincoln you look so silly! Oh you guys look so cool Do you know what it is? Is that Miles? It’s a spider-man costume. You got Miles, buddy Spider-man jammies All things spider-man That’s so cool! That is awesome Ethan, what do you say to all your friends? Thank you! Look at this spider-man boy! You look just like the real spider-man. Are you the real spider-man? You are? oh my gosh Guys, it’s the real spider-man Cool, dude, can I have a high-five from spider-man? Wow! That’s amazing Aww..buddy, I love you so much Dude these are the coolest shoes ever Oh my gosh. You’re so gonna cinderella these That’s amazing, dude Okay now stomp em, stomp em Stomp em buddyI Jump up and down on both feet Yessss Oh, I’m not gonna miss this We are talking Phil into going down our slide That was so fast! Hey! You landed on your feet, I’m impressed I did so good! I think I landed that one better than I did the other day That was good, you’re getting better Do it! Do it! Be careful, be so careful It is fast, yeah
Hold the dress Is it really gonna go that fast?
Woahh! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Don’t catch me Awwwww Did you install it? No it was here when we moved in Did you have a good birthday? Yeah! You did?
Do you want to say bye to everybody? Byeee Bye people! Hey wait, wait We want 6 trillion likes, that’s how old Ethan is okay? Can you make that? Thank you very much, thank you All the kids: “byeeee”

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