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Grandmother Wanna Touch Her Dog, But The Dog Doesn’t Allow Her To Do So (Part 2) | Kritter Klub

Let a strange dog Use the room Take care of her puppies Provide food But Baekgu, oh my!! Baekgu never let anyone touch her For 3 years!! For details, watch the previous episode Grandma / Hard toi know if she’s sick or something’s wrong with her I’m worried Baekgu threw up like this.. Think she has a problemn. What should I do Flew here Teacher, listen Whenever I go to the post office or somewhere else She stays next to the bicycle even if I take a few hours to come back Doesn’t go anywhere? / No, she doesn’t! So she follows you and stays still until you come back And when you arrive at home, she follows you again I’m so shocked right now All that she said could be trained Only when Baekgu allows her to touch her It’s like you are good at English when you don’t even know the alphabets Start figuring out This is how she avoids God Chan Jong got it She doesn’t like someone who tries to touch her Since she’s been living on the streets Perhaps bad memories of people Caused her to fear them Madam look, she’s lying down next to the producer The producer who wasn’t trying to touch her Comfy w/o touching her Simply stay next to her Animal Behaviorist/ She def has trust on you But fear overwhelms the intimacy with you That’s why she doesn’t lie down, and stands as much as she can After a while Slowly Opens up her heart Pet her softly I mean no harm By touching you with my hand Slowly, slowly Can’t believe that I’m touching her, oh my.. pet pet In 3 years Touch to unlock♡ Today, Finally The biggest concern, Baekgu’s health Vet/ She tested positive for heartworms She’s to be treated for long If only she’d known sooner The lady’s got a lot on her mind Thought I’ve been raising her well, like getting her medicines Maybe it wasn’t enough.. What matters most is Thanks to the lady, it wasn’t too late to receive the treatments Cheer up and receive treatments well, let’s live well together” As always Pet, pet The lady stays next to Baekgu Lifted, likey tail Stays closer than before

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  1. La gente: Diciendo (Primero)

    Yo: Pobre abuela hace lo q puede para q le haga caso su perro >_<

  2. Её обижали. А я обожаю собачьего психолога, он – потрясающий! 👍💞

  3. Does anyone know what breed the dog is? Looks like my dog but my dog is male and has more brown/blonde toned. He has the brown on his ears back of legs and on the tail and a longer tail

  4. Estaba esperando la parte 2 a ver en que acababa. Me alegro por ellas dos, ahora se tienen también con confianza y no solo amor de la abuela hacia baekgu. Precioso gracias.

  5. Qué alegría por la señora y la perrita! Cómo se ocupó de arreglar el comportamiento y la Salud. Creo que es bueno para las dos!!

  6. Awww. It's very touching the moment the dog stays in place and waits for grandmother though she doesn't allowed her to touch her. She still makes sure that grandmother will come home safely. I feel so happy when she finally allow grandmother to touch her. She was able to trust her completely. 😘😘😘😘😘

  7. Me alegro mucho por las dos!!!! Al fin pudo acariciar a su linda mascota!!!!Saludos y abrazos para todos!!!!

  8. Lindo anjinha que amor ❤️🐕amor de grandma e psicológo comportamental. Vídeo 2. Saludos desde Brazil 🇧🇷

  9. O amor ultrapassa todas as barreiras até do sofrimento. Essa senhora demonstrou tudo isso n desistindo . Deus a abençõe!

  10. I am so happy for both sides 🙏 the dog now knows that the touch of human hand is something beautiful too and for the women, she has a lovely heart and can know pet her dog after 3 years ❤️❤️❤️

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