in response to the surge in Kobe 19
cases large corporations are adopting their own preventive measures and
implementing changes to the working environment
Kim J here’s directly from the employees about the actions taken the fast
spreading novel coronavirus is changing the daily lives of corporate workers in
South Korea business trips are being postponed and get-togethers are being
canceled the workshop that was scheduled for the beginning of the year was
cancelled and most departments are cutting down on socializing together
after work people are refining from get togethers
as much as possible there were official instructions from the company to wear
masks even indoors and to frequently wash our hands hand sanitizers has been
provided everywhere especially with the number of firms reported to be
experiencing disruptions to do their employees being infected companies
across the nation are on high alert to minimize any possible fallout from the
virus many companies in South Korea have installed heat detection cameras at
their main entrances to detect high body temperatures South Korea’s SK Group
decided to minimize the number of employees at its main office by advising
some staff to work from home starting Tuesday some SK companies such as SK
Innovation and SK Telecom advised staff to come to work by 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday
to minimize contact with other people during rush hour commute LG has also
taken preventive measures to contain the virus LG Electronics is prohibiting all
outsiders from entering domestic and overseas business sites as a measure to
prevent the spread of the virus the company is also helping workers who are
pregnant and those who need to take care of their children due to school closures
by allowing them to work from home for two weeks LG Electronics also say that
it’s making employees who commute from tegu to work from home with a number of
corona virus infections spiking day by day in the nation these changes look set
to be in place for some time kim daehee arirang news

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  1. Hard to believe some of its citizens are too hesitant to wear masks! Come on, they are the ones destroying themselves! Shame on them!

  2. Look to Winnipeg Canada bio level 4 lab as the creator of coronavirus. Stolen by 2 chinese scientists, working there and expelled by RCMP in July. Smuggled to Wuhan lab & "accidentally" released.

  3. Come on South Korea, get a hold on it. Good luck from UK.
    I feel sorry for the people of the North, it will be terrible there.

  4. “(K) confirmed (at the party meeting held from Dec.28 to 31) that

    the world will witness a new strategic weapon to be possessed by the DPRK in the near future.

    And we are now witnessing the weapon.

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