I would like to encourage all of you
guys to learn about advanced technology like the blockchain. Well at first may be
scary or you feel like intimidated because it’s hard. Or you feel skeptic about it but that’s
why you’re gonna make a research about this blockchain thing because you know
it’s happening right now. And for you to understand it what it’s
all about and guys there is nothing that we cannot learn right?
Before we don’t know how to use the social media platforms but right now we
cannot almost live our lives without them. And the same goes for blockchain and here in
Icon Pilipinas we are committed to bridge the gap between common people and
the super techy stuffs which are difficult to understand. And just hit complete now. There you go. And I already have my ICON wallet!
First ICX wallet, yahoo!

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. This is awesome! This is what we need. Let's get this out and get those subscribers. Lift up the Philippines.

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