Hey guys, so Today’s a therapy day Not for Lincoln, but for me And Steven, and I have been both going To see a therapist from the past five months Today, I just did a single session and my therapist likes to kind of break it up And so she’ll see me individually see Stephen individually We do some marriage counseling as well But today was a session just for me and I wanted to talk a little bit about That I want to be real with you guys And obviously you can’t share everything on YouTube There’s like an appropriate time in place to share things that you’re going through and so some of that you know is just for People that you’re really close to that can be trusted safe people to walk with you through really challenging things but at the same time we never want to Portray that our life is perfect or that we have everything together And I I know that we’ve talked about that several times if you have watched any of our other vlogs We’ve talked about it being a difficult season Going to therapy that kind of thing but I just wanted to be real with you guys for a minute because Sometimes life is really really difficult. And I know that a lot of you guys have reached out to us Over the past year and a half that we’ve been on YouTube and have shared your own challenges and struggles that you guys are going through and so I don’t want you to feel like you are alone or that Everyone else isn’t also going through difficult things at different times in their life. And so if you had asked me three years ago how things are going I would have said Life is as good as it gets Couldn’t ask for anything more and I would have 100% meant that If you asked me right now How are things going? I would tell you that we have so much to be grateful for and So much that is good Love our children so much even I love each other so much There’s a lot of good but there’s a lot of heart too and So while I can’t necessarily share all of the details of that I just Want you guys to know that everyone goes through really hard seasons and it’s important that you Take care of yourself in those seasons. That’s something that I am really focusing on lately is Seeking out ways to take care of myself I Have gone through a lot of trauma in the past few months. My therapist is actually treating me for PTSD and things like that It’s been really really really hard and so I know we share a lot of moments with you guys playing with the kids and laughing and smiling and those are genuine moments we Adore our children and we love making memories and we love doing special things and sharing they’ll follow you guys but what you don’t see sometimes is the anxiety attacks Behind closed doors With artists moments of just intense grief You’d have to go and close the door and just Privately weep and process through a lot of pain and so I Want to be real with you guys that this has been a really really tough season for us But one of the ways that I Try to deal with pain and grief I think it’s really important to stay hopeful and Positive you’ll hear me say a lot of times I’m grateful for this. I’m thankful for that I love this. I love that person and I say those things to remind myself like there’s so much to be thankful for there’s always so much to be thankful for and I Never want to forget that even in the hardest moments even in the most painful moments never want to forget how good at God is and Leo my faith to Get us through really challenging times. And so I’m probably freaking a lot of you guys out about this, but I just want to show some vulnerability and Show that we’re just a regular family that goes through our own share of struggles and God is still good and There’s still so much that we can be thankful for and so that is really That’s really where we are. I just want you guys to know like it’s not all like rainbows and sunshine and all of that but Can we choose gratitude? You choose to stay positive Choose to walk in hope and not fear and Choose forgiveness when that’s needed. I think it’s really important to make sure that you are Looking for resources in people that can be a support to you when you are struggling And it’s okay to ask for help and it’s okay to get help when you need it Whether you’re struggling with depression or anxiety or a traumatic event, you’ve gone through or relational Issues or health issues or financial issues, whatever it might be it’s it’s okay and it’s important to get help and to know that you’re not alone and so To find people that you can trust that you can walk with through difficult times that can Support you and be loyal and honest and gracious with you Look for you know programs or counselors or therapists and doctors that can help there are so many resources out there and Steven and I have actually just found a few new resources and a few new friends actually that are going to be able to walk with us and just be a support and be an encouragement because we all need that so much and So I know there’s a lot of rambling guys, but I just want you guys to know that whatever you’re going through no matter what You’re gonna be okay In God is good. And God is with you in the most painful moments of your life God has not abandoned you he is with you and It’s gonna be okay Yeah, we’re gonna be okay. I know I know I’m just a crying mess, but we’re gonna be okay, too But I wanted to share that with you guys and just Show some of the behind the scenes stuff you don’t normally see And just be real with you guys for a little bit So yeah, I just finished a therapy session and it went really well I really liked my therapist and so I’m gonna head home now the kids are finished with school and Steven just picked up Ethan from kindergarten and so I’m gonna go home and we’re going to Spend some time as a family and that’s something we’ve been trying to do a lot lately. It’s just really really slow down spend a lot of time as a family just connecting and Just focusing on those positive moments. And so Hey guys, how’s it going? To the kitchen, what are you guys making here? We’re making one Philippe’s dishes that her foster mom made whenever she was little Oh, this is the one thing all guys found online the that you said you used to eat growing up a lot of those You found it. Oh My gosh That’s awesome. I’m excited to try it Penelope is a really good cook and so is Kira you guys are really excellent cooks so I bet she’s gonna turn out delicious help She’s a nice helper. Yeah What are you boys watching? Oh Let’s have been boyish Sounds good For Christmas, maybe so maybe so oh my gosh, that’s it. Let me plan to me Good good Good. Everybody’s therapy sometimes. Yeah. I just on them. We’re very pro counselling therapy all that stuff. They’ve all got struggles. Yeah They’re coming from school, so we’re gonna go get Lincoln up and the kids are gonna go to You mix it. I’m not sure who all has Reese isn’t feeling so well Hopefully not No, like it’s like a stomach stop Reminds me of your Okay. So yeah, I’m gonna go check on her and get Lincoln up from a nap and then we’re just gonna hang out tonight It’s like all rainy and gross I was wanting this you’re like a family walk or something But I think we will be indoors. Are you am I cutting your head? It was like this is like seven inches shorter than you Oh my god, she’s so excited Let’s go downstairs Your brother’s what are you guys making Upgrade oh my gosh. Look at this guys. There are a lot of people on that rocket. That’s cool Cool upgrade you guys are always making upgrades, huh? It had so fun It’s so funny being a boy mom because I grew up with all sisters where we did Barbies and dress up and that kind of stuff And so I always laugh when they say all these funny little boy things like look at my upgrade Like a diaper blowout there’s a disaster so we gave him a little bath and changed his clothes. Thank you Guys Rhys is not feeling well. She’s having a lot of stomach pain. We’re not really sure what’s going on Yeah, but it is getting worse. And so I think we’re gonna actually take The urgent and clinic down the road and see if we can figure out what is going on because school I was not feeling well I’m not gonna put a camera in her face or anything like that but we’re gonna head down there and just hopefully see if we can figure out what is going on with So turns out these has appendicitis So, that’s exactly and so the EMS is headed here right now and They’re gonna take over two different hospitals or tomorrow morning They can remove her appendix Beautiful especially given the circumstances so it’s just been sort of a rough day all around and Kind of just a rough season, you know It’s sort of fitting. I guess that the video started out with Amanda talking about that and then this is how our day ends but We love you guys and that will keep you guys posted. We’re actually gonna you know try to somehow capture some of tomorrow obviously respect trees and Respect the doctors in the whole process and their me like that. I’m not sure how much we’ll be able to video but I Will totally watch They said it’s a pretty you know Non-invasive surgery. I mean, I guess, you know, they’re gonna balloon up her belly and go in and take it out. So But that usually it’ll I take like a day to recover. So who knows how that’s gonna go but How do you get out you’re so brave Yeah Hopefully we can have you better in time to go see call. Anyhow on Friday. Yeah, it’ll be good. It’s The nurses are like but I’ve used the worst part. You’re good to go But even the IV you were like pretty worried about that, you killed it. Yeah, that’s in me Now Reese is getting an angiogram So anyway, we’re gonna go ahead and sign out here guys and just let her kind of you know Rest up, and then the EMS should be here in just a minute to take us to the other hospital So we’ll see you guys next time. I would love you guys A what? I’m gonna pin decided you won’t have it appendicitis this I Can fool your name’s sake you will lead me back. Hope to you

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  1. God is there—I am sure of this. But how do you reconcile the disconnect you experience when evil keeps winning and hurts you in a way that cuts so deeply and seemingly irreparably? Why does God allow it? I believe He is with all who believe, but at least in my case, it feels as if He simply watches as a third-party observer, and more recently, as if He, instead, listens to the desires of those who trample over my life and spirit. How are you able to get out of that place you’re in, Amanda? The textbook answer is that God will deliver you, but what if you spend your entire life without that relief? Does death, then, become that deliverance?

  2. Hi!!!! I was touched by your video and I really pray that you feel better!!!!!, to help you, I wanted to share with you an amazing book that I have read,. A mind of your own by Kelly Brogan, she also have a website… With every difficulty come ease and we should not forget that prophets were really tested in their life's and they were so loved by God,

  3. A few Family You Tuber just had a three kids remove their Appendix recently. Like the Shumway Show Brighton. Our Family Nest Andrew. Prayer for a quick recovery.

  4. Thank you for your honesty! It is not easy to show yourself so vulnerable via youtube. I pray for you and your family. I have been through depression and anxiety myself and although GOD seems to be far away, HE is right there, suffering with you, carrying you through it, just like a mother would do. Jesus Christ became human and went through pain and suffering himself, so he would be able to understand and know what it is like to be a human being (Hebr 4,15-16). HE even took upon himself to be forsaken by GOD (Mark 14,35) so that no one whoever trusts in GOD shall be forsaken. Do not give up! GOD loves you and will never forsake you. Love from Switzerland!!

  5. Few weeks ago my brother had appendicitis but after the operation he felt much better. Reece will get better especially with all of us praying for her. ❤️

  6. Hello stay encourage and keep your head up and keep pushing through all your struggles or tough spot. Know I'm praying for you and your family keep me and my family in your prayer

  7. My little brother had his appendix taken out before Christmas last year. The surgery went well and he was out and about quickly. You got this Reese! #GRLPWR ❤️

  8. awwww sweetheart.. I'm sorry you're going through a bad season… but it's going to get better you have so many people praying for you so much support… you're such a beautiful young amazing mom .. and wife.. God bless you and your beautiful… prayers your way sweetheart

  9. awwww sweetheart.. I'm sorry you're going through a bad season… but it's going to get better you have so many people praying for you so much support… you're such a beautiful young amazing mom .. and wife.. God bless you and your beautiful… prayers your way sweetheart

  10. Amanda, everyone goes through the valley at various times in our lives. We don’t grow when we’re on the mountaintop. It’s only when we need to hold on to the master’s hand, that we find out how real he is and how he is working in our lives. Don’t feel you were just rambling. You have no idea who the Lord spoke to through you. Thank you for being so open and vulnerable. God truly bless you and your family.

  11. Amanda please take courage in the Lord Jesus is always in the business of restoring, healing and building in our lives. Trust in Him in due time He makes all things beautiful. Hold on to Jesus surely He will see you through victoriously. For you are more than conqueror in Christ Jesus! I believed in you!

  12. I am in a situation too that is relatable to your emotional hurt and feelings. You are not alone. If I could hold your hand and cry hurt with I would in a heart beat. I feel for you so much. Would love to support you in any way I can. Rambling gets it all out to clear the fog. Crying is ok. Sadness is ok. You are brave and loved and above all not alone. Sending u prayers and friendship.

  13. Wow life is tough isnt it, no matter how many blessings you have it's sometimes still SO hard. And admitting that it's hard, doesn't take away from those blessings or lessen them. Life is complicated and complex, and you as a person are allowed to be complex too with a range of emotions sad, happy etc all at the same time. You guys are beautiful and please keep doing what you are doing, reaching out and being honest with yourselves. We support you, even if we have never met xx

  14. I am praying and hoping that everything will go well or has gone well God is there and He will be guiding the doctors ❤️❤️❤️

  15. Amanda, I just want to thank God for creating you and introducing you to my life. It is ok to take a break and not to be positive alllll the time. We are all human-beings 🙂

  16. I honestly don't even know where to start. Amanda, your vulnerability is gorgeous. Thankyou so much for sharing with us.. your heart is beautiful. And Reese.. I know as I type this, you're already home again, so I'm glad it all went well and you can now concentrate on getting better. BTW… my house is literally filled with the aroma of your chicken soup Stephen. I did start a little late, but it'll be ready in 30mins… and we CANNOT WAIT !!!! Love from our family to yours xx

  17. It cannot be easy my dear being a primary care giver to so many children. Even the strong needs pillars. God is good always beloved. God is on the throne and what you have done for those kids especially the adopted ones, I am in awe and God will repay you

  18. Praying for Reiss. She is a brave, beautiful daughter. So loving and caring. God’s protection baby girl. Praying for you.

  19. Therapy is for everyone, whether you have a mental disorder or just had a rough day. No matter the situation there is no shame in seeking help or guidance. It is smart, and a healthy decision. I'm so glad that you guys are doing this for yourselves.
    Life is unexpected. There is so much good but there is also the rough and the hard. The hard is never easy. However, like there is before the storm, there is always calm after the storm. Hang in there guys, you are so loved and please do whatever you may need for your mental health. Comments have suggested a break, and they're absolutely right. Regardless of what you do, you are all SO so loved and will always have us viewers to support you and love you. The only family channel I watch, you all are so beautiful. God bless.

  20. God tests those who believe in him the most. God will never give you struggles that you can’t handle. It’ll pass, you guys are such good influence.
    Take care

  21. I love you Amanda.. You are my role model as mother.. I believe that God always be there with His children.. I believe God never leave you alone.. I always pray for you and your family.. Be strong 💪

  22. Love you, love your honesty, love your sweet family, love your faith in Our Heavenly Father. Praying for all of you. God bless you all.

  23. My prayers to god that she recovers soon. God give your family lots of happiness and joy.Lots of love from my beautiful country of Pakistan ❤🇵🇰❤

  24. I pray for you guys every single day and although you didn't explain the issue but I'll respect your decision and hope that you get through this ❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  25. God will always be there for you and your family. Reese I hope you feel better soon. Stay strong Amanda and keep up the faith. Love your family

  26. I don't know if this will apply to you. When I had ptsd, I couldn't imagine getting out of this sense of being adrift without purpose and not really seeing it changing. I felt hidden pain, maybe anger/ disconnect from others in my life who I felt didn't understand and judged me, wanted me to stop dwelling on feelings. I felt isolated and increasingly cynical, yet nothingness. I could go on, but it’s as though I shouldn't be alive, there was no point. Trust was hard. I was a ghost even though I still went through some motions. To my relief, at some point, I slowly evolved out of this deadened state.
    It took a while but at least I didnt feel this horrible way, like the living dead. I couldn't summon any feelings except maybe fear and anger. All to say my dear, I hope you give yourself time and don't criticize yourself or isolate too much but please take all the time for yourself you need. You're wonderful. We all need someone like you in our life. There’s only so much of you to go around. You deserve to be number 1 in priority. I send my prayers that you can be well and protected, as well as your loving family. Thank you for sharing. It’s not easy. But you will touch many who feel or felt the same. I hope you don't feel alone or need to put on an act. That’s something I needed
    someone to say to me.
    A few years ago I had another experience of trauma that was different than the one described. I never thought of ptsd in regards to it till just now, but ever since those events I have not been the same. I have gone numb and in denial, try not to think about it. I do get therapy and occasionally talk about it. But it’s one of those things that remain unchanged. It is about evil that went unpunished and unacknowledged so it’s more difficult this time. Though it happened to me, it happened to someone close to me even more so and that makes me not only grieve but feel guilt. I think of trying to resolve it but there isn't a way which just makes me feel differently about life. Perhaps one day I can do something to bring light to this wrong. I see a lot of people who suffer horrible things. I don't know how they carry on. I hope they do, and know they are loved and we are all connected.

  27. I do believe that you are angels incarnate, that is why God give you the hardest challenge. To know God, you must rise above duality. This mean that you must take the good and bad with equanimity. Jesus see himself in the eyes of those who crucified him. Take courage. You know that once you accept all the challenges God set for you, will you then find the everlasting bliss!

  28. Stay strong beautiful family.. You hv each other in a rough day and will cherish each other in a good day.. Keep fight. 💪💪

  29. Just when I needed motivation, you never fail to uplift us with such sweet and deep mesaages Amanda. You made me cry too. 😭 God bless you!

  30. Thank you for being vulnerable and showing others we can be hopeful, positive and thankful even through some hard times. Your humanity gives me hope. Bless you and your beautiful family.

  31. Our amazing Father in Heaven’s Love, power, and strength is limitless!!! We can do all things in Jesus’s name!!! I am so sorry for the trials and tribulations you all are facing…But remember, when the enemy comes knocking, you just keeping answering in Faith and it will flee from your lives!!! GOD ALWAYS HAS OUR BACKS!!! I will keep u all in prayer!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


  33. Dearest Amanda….I'm new to your channel and watched quite a bit of your vlogs. I really enjoy your family interactions…. so very funny. When I came across this vlog my heart broke for you. I know what it's like…..I suffered mental illness for most of my young life beginning in my pre-teen years because of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. I won't go into detail but due to what happened in my young life I developed Agoraphobia, Anxiety disorder, Panic disorder with irrational anger outbursts, for 22 years. I tried my best to raise my children but made many mistakes with them. I also in attempts to control my condition I began substance abuse with alcohol. I became a functioning alcoholic and suicidal. I lost custody of my youngest when he was 14 to my then ex-husband. My life was a total mess, to say the least until I came and surrendered my life to Jesus. It was at a failed suicide attempt that He came and rescued me. after walking with him for 3 years I still suffered the disorders and continued drinking to control what I was going through and one day I told the Lord I couldn't live that way anymore and He showed me what was behind it all. It was a spirit of fear and torment. I asked Him to teach me how to fight and within days through someone preaching on tv I came across a tape series titled "The Weapons of Your Warfare". There was my answer and I devoured the teachings according to The Word of God. As soon as I began to understand I began my journey to healing. All didn't stop overnight but I was persistent and consistent. For 3 months I sat in counsel with my Pastor and her assistant and God showed me things about my life that had me wrapped in self-hatred, unforgiveness, rejection and much insecurity…..HE freed me from it ALL! This was 28 years ago and I'm FREE from the spirit of fear and torment. And I tell you every now and then that spirit tries to return when things get difficult but I whip him with 1 Timothy 1:7 and it's gone screaming!
    I thank the Lord my sons are healthy grown men with wives and families of their own. We talk all the time and I help them when things of their past that try to overtake them. My youngest is back in my life after being out for 15 years. He found me in 2003 and we have a wonderful relationship.
    So dear sister, there's LIGHT at the end of this tunnel and I'll keep you in prayer.

  34. There is always Ups and downs in life ❤️ God knows to whom he gives challenges in life 🙏🏻 Always be thankful. There is a great place waiting for all of us

  35. I was also recently diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety is absolutely horrible when you don’t want it to. Regular every day things are so much harder when you have this dark cloud over you at all times. I can’t keep a job, I can’t pay for anything that I need to. I don’t know how long I’ll have a working cell phone for because I can’t do normal things. I understand how you feel and I’m here for you through these hard times. I love watching your videos and I think people don’t understand what goes on when the camera isn’t on and what actually happens. Relax and take deep breaths, make a room or a spot somewhere in the house you can just sit and relax and calm down from those attacks. Having a spot to just breathe has helped me a lot thru everything I’ve been through. I’ve had PTSD since I was 15 and it doesn’t feel great at all.

  36. sending prayers to you and Steven. You van over come anything with God. My marriage has been tested with ddugs and infidelity but with God we over. came both victorious. God uses all for Jis glory good and bad,and now our marriage is stronger tham it jas ever been. We walled through tjat storm holding His hand amd when we thought wr couldn't walk no father God carried us through. Love all of you and God nless your beautiful family.🙏

  37. Amanda, thank you so so much for this post and being open about the reality of your struggles and the work you are putting in to face your struggles. I am in the process of adopting an older child as a single woman, living in Chile, and I literally watch your channel because I feel like you guys are an amazing influence on me and God uses these peeks into your family's life to help get my heart ready for messy and joyful motherhood. So thank you, praying for you in this season of struggle and healing, praying for your whole family, and praying for Reese as she recovers from surgery!!!

  38. Last semester in school, I had a hard time getting out of bed and feeling motivated to do anything. Most of the people told me that I was probably depressed. I kind of realized over winter break that what I was feeling was lost. For most of my life I’ve felt lost because I’m adopted. My mom has read that many adoptees feel this way and grieve the loss of their birth family. I love that you continue to explore where your children came from. It inspired me to continue to explore my culture. I was scared to even say that I think about my birth family from time to time because I thought my parents would think I would forget about them, but they want me to discover things about myself. I also have bad memories from grade school-middle school and I realize that maybe therapy is something that would be good for me to work through confidence issues and other things as well. Amanda no matter what you will find the light in the dark. We are all here for you.

  39. I applied for three jobs, and I didn’t get any. I’m financially struggling a lot. Sometimes I wonder what God is up to with my broken heart, but I encourage myself to focus and patiently wait for His timing. It is hard, but it will bring a reward; it is painful, but it will be successful; and it is overwhelming, but it will all turn into a blessing!

  40. stay strong!! i’ve been watching since last year💜 if u ever need to take a break from vlogging, do it! we understand :)) love you and your family 🥺💜 i may be kinda young to understand what you are going through but i know it is hard, but please stay strong 💜💜💜

  41. Please don't get mad at me for saying this, but I think you simply tried to take on more than what you could handle. It's very difficult to raise a child, let alone 7 children. And two of the children have chronic medical issues. You spend 99% of the time with the kids- you and your husband can't have date nights or alone time.

    Your heart was in the right place, but you're simply overwhelmed. Maybe you should hire a nanny.

  42. I love you Amanda you are such a beautifil person inside and out! ❤️ I love your family too. God bless you and your family! Hugs and kisses to your family specially Lincoln 😘 from philippines ❤️❤️❤️

  43. Thank you for reminding me that there is help out there…sometimes i try to be the strong one on things I have to endure inside. But I do need to remember that God does love me and everyone else does in my life. And that I shouldn't be afraid to ask for help. I'm so sorry as well that you and or family are going through things…I hope in time things will heal and get better for what ever it maybe, for God will always be there. <3

  44. this is the best vlog ever! it’s really touched my heart and made me cry the whole time, and show me how you really are loving, caring, honest about each other. love you guys❤️.

  45. Dear Stephen and Amanda, I hope you guys are reading this. Firstly, I just wanted to say that you guys are so brave and strong, never ever give up. Secondly, whatever happens in this world is a test from God, as a Muslim I have always been told this. But at the same time, I have also been told that there is a reward for this and actually God never tests a soul more than what it can bear. This pain is temporary and the storm will pass. Don't ever feel bad for making vlogs like this, it's nice to see someone reassuring others. Also, I hope Reese gets all soon. Stay blessed and strong everyone, Ameen.

  46. I had PTSD and anxiety attacks so I will speak from what I experienced. It seems like you just lose control of yourself but let me tell you that you have the best way of seeing things I think and time and God make things easier. Accepting that we have struggles is part of the process.
    One more thing I would tell is that sadness is not a bad feeling, it's just a feeling like any other one and not trying to control it all the time and just let it go is important, either way the body will express anything you want to overly control whenever needed. Staying positive is important of course and you have a family to take care of but it's okay to feel down sometimes. I am happy you are getting help. Life only gets better after hardships.

  47. Stay strong, always pray to the mighty Lord cuz he is always there for you, will be praying for you here also. Hug and kisses far from here.

  48. Sending you lots of hugs and praying for you Amanda.. You are touching lots of lives by sharing your positivity, your love, your faith and beautiful family. You made me cry!😭😭 Used to seeing you all happy. Thank you for sharing this part of your life too. whatever your family is going through, it shall pass and I pray that you all never lose your faith in God. God will bless you and make sure you are happy.. God doesn't forget His lovely children, you are one of His and He will never forget you.. God bless your family.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  49. Each year has 4 seasons, sweet Mom Amanda. And each season takes and gives, in order to grow. Never forget. I wish I could just hold you, and help you see and feel that everything's gonna be alright. Count your blessings. I'm a single mom, money's too hard to mention, I miss a man at my side to help me and support me, because it's tough to bea single parent. When I see the Love in your family I envie you. The grass…..so cherish what you've got, and trust us viewers when we say we understand. All part of Life, right? So take the downs, they make you appreciate the heights more. Love to all, you're doing fine. ♥️

  50. Just raise a hallelujah for everything what’s going wrong right now but I will pray for you and I think it’s very honestly and sweet and makes you more you more humanely For sharing even the worst things in life so thank you

  51. wow. i havent watched this channel in a while and this popped up in my recommendations, and i just thought this would be another happy video (even with the title), but I was really shocked that you were going through this, and I think God wanted me to see this video. When you said we’re not alone in hard times and God is good I think of how slowly over time I havent been spending time with God and have been distracted with my own negative thoughts and social anxiety,, anyways thank you so much for making this it really touched me, and I hope to have a positive mindset like you 💓💓

  52. Know that you have 7 angels always with you. Talk with reese a lot more. 😘 moms need their first child the most at times like this. wishing you all the best! 😊

  53. I feel bad you can't express exactly whats going on, due to privacy issues. I really hope you feel better, and as you mentioned, take the time to take care of you.

  54. Amanda I know how you feel, I am a stay home mum it is not easy but am sincerely greatful to GOD ALMIGHTY for my family, stay believing in GOD ALMIGHTY


  56. I’m not asking this to be mean or ugly but when you adopt is it a Requirement that you all have to take some therapy I’m wondering we have thought about fostering and Iv have just had people telling me they would never allowed. Almost five years ago now I lost an uncle then my brother and then my dad all in one week and it was just more than I could handle and now have to take medication every day for my nerves. Thank you for being such good parents.

  57. I have serve ptsd and other mental health i have been through alot of abuse for 16 years and i still stuggle a whole lot it tearing up my new realionship

  58. Oh my child, God is never surprised by the happenings in our lives. Bad things happen due to the fallen world we live in. But we have the hope of a risen saviour who has given us the gift of the comforter ( The Holy Spirit). Who constantly prays on our behalf especially when we can't express our needs to our God. You and your family are standing strong . I'm learning it's best to leave the hurts, worries, unforgiving at the foot of the cross. God has reminded me that the foot of the cross is a messy place so why would I want to go back and pick up what I left there. Please notice I said learning. Don't have it down yet.:)
    Wanted to say thank you for your honesty and your bravery in sharing. I will be praying for you.

  59. The song at the end gives me chill every single time i hear it. It just reminds me that we are safe in the hands of Jesus Christ and nomatter what he will lead us back home to him victoriously.

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