Sub! You’re in Roblox! Yes! Roblox! It’s a world of games, creations, and fun
adventures. There’s never a dull moment to be had around
here, and with something going on around every turn, I need a willing volunteer to help me
investigate. A special player with advanced knowledge and
unrivalled skill? Know anyone like that Sub? Hello? Anybody? No? Just you?… *sighs* Fine I guess you’ll do. Where better to start than with one of the
most popular, and trendiest games on the site – Adopt Me is filled with bright colours,
and happy families, but not everything always goes to plan – so I want you to show us the
5 WORST things that can Happen in Adopt Me! Number one. Being Abandoned. Adopt Me is all about building up your family. As a child you want to find the perfect home,
with the most loving of parents. And as a Parent, you want to get together
with another person to adopt the best kid possible. Finding a match can be tough – but what’s
far worse is finding a match, only for it to be taken away. Sub, you’ve become a baby and want to be
adopted I see.Oooh, here comes a couple now! It seems they like you! A true connection indeed! While it’s great that you’ve found a family,
Sub, just watch out that they don’t spot another kid and completely ditch you! Wait, why is he walking towards the river! Oh no! Baby Sub! Aww. Poor Sub. Abandoned and alone, that’s gotta suck. Number two. Fake Charity. A lot of people can’t afford the finer things
in Adopt Me, and so they have to rely on the generosity and kindness of strangers. You’re only just starting off, so you don’t
have that many items, Sub. Lucky for you, there’s a whole host of great
players out there that can give you a helping hand or a head start. The worst thing that can happen is someone
pretending to be like you. Some users have lots of items but still pretend
they’re poor and have nothing – so that players donate free items to them! This means you’re less likely to get given
something to help you out! And you’re the one that needs the help! The nerve! Number three. Bailing On A Trade. Trading is one of the most fun parts about
Adopt Me. When not saving up cash to purchase and collect
all the various items, vehicles, furniture, and even pets, you can be looking out for
other players that are eagerly after a Trade. Finding a player who needs something you have,
and has something you want is great. Sub, that player over there wants your pet,
and in return he’ll give you that awesome looking item. I bet it’s super rare. Almost too good to believe. Most times, trades go through just fine – but
there’s always the chance that you’ve ran into a troll, or a player that isn’t
very genuine. In that case, they may completely bail on
the trade, wasting your time entirely. Some will even go as far as to try and scam
you! That’s seriously the worst! Make sure you always check the value of the
items you are trading to avoid getting scammed! And make sure to Subscribe to the channel
if you haven’t already. Sub’s already got a bunch more video ideas
brewing in his brain – I can feel it. And smell it? Sub are you sure those ideas aren’t brewing
in your BUTT? Number four. Bad Luck Eggs. Getting a rare pet is all based on the luck
of the roll, and sometimes you can get the same thing two times in a row. Open a few eggs and you’ll finally run into
something good right? Well what if you didn’t? For some people, that’s the case. Sub, you’ve been hatching eggs all day now,
and you’ve only got commons! Number five. Being Left Alone. Friends are important. You know this, Sub. Everyone needs pals after all. If you hadn’t noticed, Adopt Me has an awesome
Friend feature that allows you to keep tabs on your favourite players and join them for
various activities. Look at all those people – partying, doing
obstacle courses, running around and exploring. Sure looks fun doesn’t it! Why not go and join in, Sub! Making friends can sometimes seem nerve-racking
and awkward, but give it some time, be yourself, and you’re bound to fit in eventually. These guys have an awesome car and they’ve
even invited you along to go chill at the park – perhaps consider sending them a friend
request so you can meet up again in future. It doesn’t look like any have been accepted. Wait, where is everyone? Guys!? Oh no, Sub. You just got totally left behind. They ditched you and drove off! That can’t be too good for your confidence. Make sure you guys like the video to cheer
Sub up! We need to show him that he DOES have friends! Number six. ABC VIP. The VIP area is special and only the snazziest
of players can enter. Sometimes, the chat gets spammed with people
pretending to be VIP and saying they can give you access to the VIP area. A lot of the times they will say “ABC to
get into the VIP”, but really it’s all just a troll and a big waste of time! Number seven. Having a Rich Kid. Adopting a baby can be hard work, and it can
put financial strain on a lot of parents. This is an age old story, but with the ability
to earn cash whether you’re a baby OR an adult in Adopt Me, there’s technically the
chance that your adopted child could have more money than YOU. Sub, you’ve adopted this adorable baby,
but not everything is as it seems. This baby is actually incredibly spoiled and
has earned lots and lots of cash from playing Adopt Me. His login streak is huge, and he owns some
of the most expensive stuff in the game. Because of that, he doesn’t listen to a
thing you say, or take any of your advice. This seems to be leading to lots of arguments
and you running around having to deal with her brattish ways. Sometimes having a rich kid can be the WORST. On that note, what is the WORST experience
you’ve ever had with your adopted kid in Adopt Me? Make sure to leave a Comment down below and
Sub might heart it! Number eight. False Meetup. Sub, it looks like a friend wants to meet
up with you! Oh boy! Well you’re here. Where’s your friend? Wow, it looks like they were never intending
to come at all. They just made you walk all that way for nothing! That’s just the worst! Number nine. Party Invite Spam. Decorating your house in Adopt Me is a great
pass time. In fact I know that you Sub, have spent hours
upon hours decorating your house and trying to get everything perfect. Don’t be embarrassed! There’s a LOT of players that spend time
making their house a home, and you’re no different. Create something nice enough and you can even
invite players to your party. Maybe just don’t spam them, Sub. No – don’t keep inviting them. If they didn’t accept then it means they’re
busy or kinda don’t want to… *sighs* ugh. You’re not learning are you. Okay, have you given up now Sub? It looks like not a lot of people showed up. Maybe go and try to get a badge in the Obby
instead. Now this is more like it. Testing that roblox skill I mentioned earlier. Just take it one step at a time and you’re
bound to finish – Wait what?! A party invite – deny it quickly so it doesn’t
block your screen. Ugh another one!? … Deny. Ugh? Again? Seriously? Not so nice when it’s the other way around,
is it Sub? Number ten. Pulling the Chord. Everyone loves climbing to the top of the
tower only to jump off with the bungy chord. Well, why don’t you give it a try Sub? Buy a ticket and fly on up. Go through the tower to the jumping platform
and… jump! Wait, you did remember to attach the bungy
chord right? Oh sub…. While we’ve found some pretty suckish things
that can happen to you here on Adopt Me, for the
most part, the game is really enjoyable and fun. The odds of any of these things happening
to you is pretty small for the most part, isn’t that right, Sub? There’s so much more out there in the world
of Roblox – and we’re only just getting started. Isn’t that right? With countless games, and so many more possibilities,
you’ve certainly got a long way to go before we can consider you a true Roblox Pro. Cya next time, Sub!

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  1. Woohoo! First ever Roblox video! Im so excited for you guys to see the videos that are coming! Sorry for the greyed out skin at the start of the video, were still figuring things out on how to film best and stuff but any suggestions are MUCH APPRECIATED!

  2. Awesome video, I was playing adopt me and my spoiled kid was using his car to run over me I ditched him and he left the game it was satisfying.

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