Kang Hyung-wook’s breed encyclopedia Samoyed Somi & Samoyed Backgomi How long do you usually comb? This takes half of a day. Aha think of a whole day A day? Cute hair hat Tada~ Spitz’s little brother is born, too. Oh, it got smaller. When she is gone, another Somi is left.. Wow!!! Introducing Today’s breed! Samoyed – Grand size dog & it’s power – Did you adopt her when she was a baby? When she was a baby. she was three months old at this time. was she this small? Yes. It was small. I think it was just like a Pomeranian. Formeranian Size at 3 months old I never had a big dog back then. I thought she had all grown up. Never imagined the future until then I thought she has all grown up but she kept growing, she was still a baby. Hahaha she was still a baby?! The characteristic of Samoyed. Let’s not underestimate the growth speed of a large dog. I was wondering ‘will she ever get taller tomorrow?’ Will you be all grown up tomorrow? 10 times larger than 3 months old… You must have been very happy every day. Wow, it got bigger. Wow, it got bigger today. Baby Somi grew 1 kg for a week I think this is surreal speed. Characteristics of Samoyed. Surrealistic growth speed Oh, that’s right. Who is..? Somi Is it Somi? it was youngest baby time, it was around three months old Ah~ So pretty. But when I saw her biting the carpet, I was saying, “Oh, how cute.” Later, she was just tearing up the carpet. How months old was she? 3 months, 5 to 6 months That’s the time you said that. Yes. she was the ugliest. The monkey period that started first shedding When she was a monkey Yes. she got ugly with even what she did. Hey, this is you. Let’s stop looking at the picture. Oh, what is this? she didn’t want to go. didn’t want to go? she held out oh no (in shreds) All the towels are like that at home. My friends came over once and took out the towel and there were all holes in there They thought these much have been a towel for feet or rag I opened all the towels and they were all like that. Samoyed’s characteristic. Even a normal towel can be turned into a rag. Socks are all hers. Put socks down quickly. Characteristics of Samoyed. All socks at home belong to them. Even if I ask for socks, she held on until the end I’m gonna kick your ass But if I got really mad, she put it down. Give me quickly! Give me ! Give me! Give it to me! (begging) Give it to me! Look at you! how dare you! how dare you! how dare you! You bastard! how dare you! Mr. socks has already left… how dare you! playing dumb feeling awkward Is this how you live? That’s right. How old was Baekgomi? he was 18 years and a month. I never saw Samoyed in Korea at the time Oh, right. I watched a TV movie, and there was a Samoyed. It was so pretty that I wanted to raise Samoyed. That’s all I said to my husband. you just said it and your husband just adopted him all of sudden Crazy. we didn’t know. because it was me anyway who was going to raise him. The white fluff was jumping to me. I fell in love with it. Love that started like that… This terrible love… It didn’t last for a week When I wake up, there’s another dog. When I wake up, there’s another dog. Must be a very gift-like day? Everyday is new I feel like my house is getting smaller. we usually brought dog when they were a baby. (Shaking head) (Shaking head) How months old would it be for this size? I think it was almost one year old. What about Backgomi? He kept growing untp two and three years old. He must be different. Somi is a girl, Backgomi is a male dog Oh, I guess so. I think male dogs are usually a little taller Characteristic of Samoyed. Usually males are larger and have longer periods of growth. The big Samoyeds are really big. That’s right. Is it because of hairs? We have a male Samoyed in our neighborhood. Each Samoyed may have different body sizes that they can be different in size Almost 2-3 times bigger than Somi How old were they when they were active tomboy? I think its from 5 months to 11 months old. That’s right. I think it’s five months old. Five months to five years old in case of Backgomi, it is upto 5 years old. How about him? That energy. It’s like, “you should do something about me, otherwise?” “Be hurry up and do something about me, if not,,you know?” so I started to watch his face You’ll be in big trouble if you don’t go out that day. she is not particularly polite. It was so rude. That’s not very polite. The characteristic of Samoyed. Be especially prepared for fatal encounter ! Yes. even though I kept scolding her, and she just stared at me. And always biting sleeves and pants in her mouth. you know, drawers are opened in a variety of ways he watched me opening it. So when I opened it, they pretend they didn’t see it but later they turned back again, opened it, turned it upside down, it’s pretty much feud The feud between Backgomi and owner… (That’s) (misunderstanding) Isn’t there something they’re good at? I think they have good nerves for exercising. Exercise nerves are good~ How much exercise do you need? It’s just a normal one or two-hour walk. A normal one or two hours? if there is like a bar table, they jump up at once. He is very athletic. Characteristics of Samoyed. Dynamic and athletic. she looks a little dull because face is round. I think she will be as generous as a polar bear. The characteristics of Samoyed. Sled dog descendant is fast and strong. It’s very fast, it’s fast, they are athletic. (in full swing) eyes look a bit like, ‘Oh, there’s still more left.’ If she is five years old, she hasn’t even started. she didn’t start? When does it start? He was making a fuss later when they get to about seven or eight years old? We really ran three hours every weekend. because of him, we went to the training academy. but you’re going to work. Husband is going to work in the morning at lunch time, we were near the company. We purposely moved close to his company. It took two to three hours for him to walk. Move your house near the office for lunch time, take a walk for lunch! Wow~Really? So you took a walk for two to three hours every day? Yes. only in the evening, my husband rode his bike with him. I was going to do it to live The walk I took to live? If I took him for a walk, I will be comfortable that day. The Characteristics of Samoyed. Sufficient walk is essential for energy relief! It’s a little quiet at home. What if you don’t? The first time I knew that something would happen if I didn’t do walking with him Scared before I even heard… There’s a boiler pipe. That’s when I first saw how it was laid out on my house floor. really You saw the plumbing of your apartment? No, what does this mean? she is stubborn about such a thing They have to do what thy want to do The characteristic of Samoyed. Failure to fill their exercising can show boiler piping. guys, apartment piping is usually not visible to us. Yes. I can’t see it. For those who live in an apartment, It’s impossible to see the boiler piping in your apartment. There is cement under the floor. There is a boiler pipe under cement. Not normally. You don’t believe it, do you? Backgomi who dug out the cement… When I opened the door, my tears… breed encyclopedia makes us cry… I almost said goodby to the neighbor living downstairs Wherever I go, I always share rice cakes. Samoyed Owner tips. When you move in, always share the rice cakes with people. Always say hello nicely. Samoyed owner tips. Let’s get along well with our neighbors. Now I am used to do it That’s why you live in a country house now. Home with no neighbor downstairs That’s why. Oh! she is digging! Piping.. Somi. Just don’t dig out the studio, please. pipe must not be broken. Somi To find the pipes This is not going to get through. Somi Somi is digging harder… Why do you dig it? Mystery… You could have been in big trouble raising her? Me. that’s me Oh, really Somi is definitely only 25 kilos. but he is 38 kilograms. It was not even that downhill. I fell down and was dragged away I tied the lead around the waist like this. As I took something down the street like this, Wait! Somi, hold on! like this Holding the trees one by one like this. I heard there was an accident on the stairs. I was a little careless. There’s just a stair ahead. My shoelaces were untied. ‘Uh, Somi’ I said, “Wait a minute.” And I tied shoelaces. My sister showed up from far away. That’s why Somi was running towards her!!!! she ran around hard And I’m like this, and Running together with my back bent… Ah… (deep sighing) So you rolled, dragged, At that time, I just walked around 45 degrees down. Hold out and dry!!!(holding on 45 degrees) In a half-laid position lying on my back, I took a walk like this. When I walked the uphill road, ‘Wow, I’m going to stand up.’ This is a life line. Lead line is life line! You can’t let go of this. Samoyed’s Power. Owners! Let’s build up stamina, too! If they pull you with all their strength, then you will be dragged away. Samoyed’s Power. Etiquette education is required from time when they were a puppy! When they pull you out really hard, That’s a big problem. Memories with Baekgomi… Do you still love him…? Did you love him? I love him so much. That’s why I raised him for nearly 19 years until he passed away. She loves him so much (no misunderstanding) I know. I did my best. I am telling you owner who has been with him for more than 18 years. It’s never easy to live with a big dog for 18 or 19 years. How did you raise him like that? I didn’t do anything but raise a dog. I raised only dog. If you adopt a pet, be owner who can spend a lot of time with you. You spent 19 years as a jobseeker without job? It starts with adoping him. I’ve had a dog at home since I was born. I didn’t know it was hard. I’ve never had such a hard time… they just keep running until the face gets flat with air resistance. Characteristics of Samoyed. The face receives air resistance when running(?) Powerful running in fast speed. they turn into totally different looking dog They normally look like this. usually Somi But it spreads to the side of the face while running. A group of humans can’t catch up of running at Samoyed speed… How can I run it? first of all, You like Samoyed, right? Oh, I love so much. this program is with owner who loves dogs with all their heart. Be careful… Because I love them Rather than having raised him with love… To be honest, just because everyone keeps saying that they love dogs, I do it only half for them . the rest of half is for me (?) I also take a walk to live…(?) This is great conversation. Too much honest encyclopedia… Not many people say this. The reason I’m being criticized is because Look This is supposed to be honest. Large dogs. They’re not what they look like. You know what I am saying at least half of it First of all, you guys, what we are doing is not to agree or disagree … this program is with their guardian, who love dogs with all their heart (really) Oh, I’m absolutely not. All right. Just a little bit… hahaha… Hahahahahahaha Hahahahahaha Yes! Leave Samoyed next to us and we are talking about not raising Samoyed. No No, it’s pretty. this is time for all-time self-reflection… It’s lovely. Especially if you adopt a big dog! I need to know my future that will change. I think I need to know before bring them. I brought him and studied. Samoyed studying after adoption I don’t think this is right. Me neither Something you can experience first. Especially if you adopt a big dog! It is necessary to study hard before adoption. If you come to my house because you want to experience it, I really want to make you come. if someone says ‘I want to raise Samoyed’ ‘can I stay for a day?’ in the case of this, Will you give them permission? I can feed you everything. Then I’ll get you to walk for two hours as soon as you get here. This is the basic. I will order this. Step 2, Become familiar with the hair Isn’t it normal that you have to run the vacuum cleaner ten times a day? I think you need to develop the ability to control them. If you adopt a large dog, let’s develop the ability to learn and control it. Other than that, I think it’s very attractive. Many people want to raise Samoyed in their old age. But now everyone is looking at my webtoon I think they’ve given up a lot. About 70% of them .. Life with Samoyed! The webtoon ‘Extreme owner’, which gives you a real information. I’m not sure if it’s good or bad. You see a lot of shelters for abandoned dogs and apps these days. If you look at the app, there are Samoyed. There are quite many Samoyed. all the time yes right Mainly 1 to 3 years old after he passed away, I almost came close to having six more. Why? on SNS, after he passed away. only because I raised him that much long. some people said “I think you’ll raise it well.” they said they would be sending their dogs to a nice house. Good House=Backgomi’s house. Those who tried to send their Samoyed to her house by using social media… So what did you do? So you would be using this, and I’m sure you’ve said such a harsh thing to them? I was holding on. angry but patient They tried to send them to you even it would sound good but.. Are they trying to send it because they can’t raise it? it is almost 1 or 2 years old. it must be yes because it’s hard. And if I say I’m not raising them up, then I’m blocked. Those who blocked her from rejecting their dogs That’s too obvious. If you say you won’t have them, then they block you? Yes. That doesn’t mean anything good. they wanted to dump it to you?? Yeah. they wanted to shift it to me Sending me the best picture. More frequently happened by lack of knowledge before adoption So you must raise it if it’s so pretty. That’s what it is. Why would you give me that good thing? I know. The baby isn’t just born. A 1 or 2 year old dog? This is when they are about to go crazy. The hardest moment when you get stressed out the most Don’t just watch the advantage, but listen to the real owner story! don’t lose your temper Next Story of Samoyed (Personality) The dog is drawn so weird. You drew Somi as a strange dog?! Somi has anti that is her owner?! Angry Avoid touching owner also escaping But still have good social skills? Whoo-hoo! Press it Bodeum

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    중형견(저희는 진돗개 믹스견?)도 힘 엄청 세고 에너지 넘칩니다(하루 산책 1시간씩 두번함) 털갈이 할때도 아무리 빗어도 계속 나오고 하루 지나면 다시 원상복귀고…정말 개 키우는거 신중하게 생각하셔야 됩니다!

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    성격편도 기대할께요

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    다보면 2000년도태어난 아가들♡

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    아빠말로는 미자관인가 뭔가 장기같은게 빠졌다 하는데 30분째 애요 얻떻게해야돼죠..?

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    아이들마다 조금씩 다르지만 희봄이는 3개월~11개월 정도까지 엄청 에너지가 넘치고 말도 잘 안들었어요..ㅋㅋㅋ
    그때마다 하루 3시간 이상씩 3번~4번 산책하면서 체력빼놓고.. 중간중간 터크놀이와 공놀이를 하면서 집에 와서는 지쳐서 바로 잠들도록 하기위해 노력을 많이했답니당.. 그래서인지 벽지를 뜯거나 가구를 망가뜨리는 일은 벌어지지 않았어요 ㅋㅋ
    영상에서 솜이 보호자님이 내리막길 갈 때 45도로 뒤로 누워간다는 말씀도 굉장히 공감되네요ㅠㅠ 이노무 썰매견들 끄는 힘이 대단하거든요😖😖 항상 산책할 때도 줄을 꼬-옥 잡고 당긴 덕분에 말랑했던 팔에 근육이 생긴답니다.💪💪

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  26. 7:20 진짜 공감~해요 ㅎㅎ 평일 내내 강아지 돌보는데 뭐 할 수가 없네요 그래도 행복합니더🐶

  27. 강쌤은 진짜 대단한분입니다! 개훌볼때마다 대단하다는 감탄넘침! 개훌에서 강쌤팔목 다친것같은데 마음이 아프네요! 강쌤 화이팅! 대단하고 멋지십니다 !

  28. 저희 아버지께서… 골든 리트리버를 무쟈게 좋아하셔서… 견종백과 리트리버편을 보여드렸는데… 어렸을 때 사고 안 치는 애들이 어디있냐며… 오히려 저를 혼내시고… 영상 완전 흐뭇하게 보고계세요… 이게 아닌데…

  29. 훈련사님 항상 의자 끝에 스쿼트 하듯 앉으시는거 너무 웃겨옄ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  30. 잘 키우던 자식을 왜 보낼려고 하실까 양심도 없는 사람들 진짜 입양 함부로 하지마세요 끝까지 책임집시다

  31. 포메 조상님이라 생각하는 사모예드!!!!
    말티즈랑 포메 키우는데.. 포메는 작아서 키우기 수월하죠. 사모예드랑 비슷한 성격이 약간 있어서 교육이 필요하지만 웃는 모습에 반할 수 밖에 없는 견종인 포메, 스피츠, 사모예드!!
    사모예드 키우시는 분들 존경스럽습니다!!

  32. 견주님들 그거 같아. 내 가족 욕은 내가 한다. 하지만 남이 욕하면 큰화를 면치 못할것이야.

  33. 견주님들 스탠스가 너무 맘에 든다. 개를 키울지 말지 고민하는 사람들을 타겟팅한 영상에서, 어떤 단점이 있는지 명확하게 보여주고 얼마만큼의 사랑은 쏟고있는지 보여주는게 중요한걸 알고 계신거 같음.

  34. 샤모예드라서의 장단점의 포커스가 아니네요ㆍ
    중 대형견의 초점에서 맞춘듯합니다ㆍ
    털과의 전쟁은
    중 대형견 이중모 견주시면 다아실테고ㆍ
    샤미의 선택은 하나뿐입니다ㆍ
    하얀털의 털빨~외모뿐
    미소천사 ㅎㅎㅎ

  35. 털빨이 장난 아니더라구요 저희는 28kg 도베르만 키우고 있는데 도벨은 키도없고, 몸에 살도없고 꽉 마른 스타일이다 보니까 (산책하면 막 굶기는거 아니냐고 그럼..ㅋㅋ ㅠㅠ) 몸무게에 비해 작아보이는데 쟤네는.. 같은 30kg쯤 중형견 개인데 크기가 2배차이나더라구요 ㅋㅋ 진짜로

  36. 진짴ㅋㄲㄱㄲㅋㅋㅋ 곰이 견주분ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 우리집 고냉이 얘기하는 제모습 보는것같네욬ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 마음이 너무 공감됨ㅋㅋㄱㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  37. 아 강훈련사님ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 방송쟁이 다됐엌ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 개는 훌륭하다 에서는 신세계 패러디 하시더니 여기선 기생충 패러딬ㅋㅋㅋ 귀여우셬ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  38. 진짜 데리고 온다고하면 공부는 필수인듯
    찐경험자들 말이라 더 와닿는거 같아요.

  39. 너무재밋다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 전 남동생이랑 말라뮤트 두마리 키워요. 남자애는 2살 65키로 여자애는 20개월 48키로 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    말라뮤트편엔 저희가 나와야돼욤 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  40. 강아지 키우는 가정이 엄청많아요! 키우다 못키울 사정되는 사람들도 있을건 그런경우 어찌들 하는지 궁굼하네요 또 어떻게 하면되는지 알려주세요

  41. 뭔가 사모예드는 집안에서 키울만한 견종이 아닌거 같은데 집에서 키울려다보니 엄청난 고생을 감수해야하는거 같은…ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 뽀송뽀송하얀털 너무 예쁜데 털 빠지는양보고 진짜 식겁함..

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