your a rascal.. Rascals in the past, Rascals in the present Guardian : They’re too big that I can’t handle Mother dog ‘Byeol’ Grew as big as their mom Guardian : (The bed is) About to collapse PD : Whoa.. The guardian in despair Father dog ‘Sunny’
(My heart is broken too..) Dad Go away! Dad Dad Dad Kiddos~ Come here Don’t listen and naughty af peeing
Thud Hey!! Hey! You guys!! Y’all come up to the sofa, hurry Okie With his word, the end of the situation Don’t give a sh** about what I’m saying though.. (The oldest son is) The stern boss here Very patient Stern Boss : Wooju, you can’t just make troubles all the time, right Who’s moving!! After a strict discipline oving(=feeding) so they won’t be heartbroken We got scolded / When? (Grow up guys..) zZZ I’m going to cook for (Dad) Sunny so he can cheer up Knocks out WOW~! Drooling Eat up~ Delicious? Yes, yes Sunny~ Let’s go to relax (The puppers) Mess up every corner of the house but they aren’t aware of the basement, so we can rest here Relaxing Done Sniff, I smell a dog chew Rattle Peekaboo
(Who said they aren’t aware of this place) Pooping “There’s no undutiful doggo child like this one” Hey! You, come here!! Run~ Pick up I prepared something to drain their energy cause they’re too feisty (They don’t think much) Leggo~ But.. If you jump once, then this will be yours The only one who’s struggling Savage PD : I think you’re the one who’s getting tired.. Hahaha;; Let’s go in~ Doggos who’re still energetic Woof! Eventually Woof! cross the line.. How dare you to your puppies Don’t bite your babies Huh!!! Due to child-rearing stress, ‘Sunny’ attacked his puppies An urgent dog-family meeting is held Representative of the family, Married couple Doggo representative, Sunny Chairman : Hey, our Sunny’s been struggling a lot Is there something that we can do for him? The puppers should take responsibility for Sunny’s behavior ’cause they made a fuss we can send them to a training center So that Sunny can play and relax.. Dad whose answer is set already : Let’s make some efforts to cheer him up Sunny~ Let’s try it~ Yes, yes Treaty
Summon Lee Chan Jong
to cheer up Sunny the doggo representative Teacher Chan Jong : If Sunny wants to be recognized as a leader, when a new enemy that would harm the dog family breaks in, he should be encouraged to take actions as a leader Enemy ‘Woodo’ who’ll help 4 rascal siblings to recognize dad ‘Sunny’ as a leader Gasp Gasp Woof When the puppers are scurred Father dog ‘Sunny’ Dad ‘Sunny’ PD : I think he has no interest.. He’s having diarrhea.. Sunny!! Sunny!! (Father..?) (Thought he got scurred and was pooping together) That bish.. You, come here!!!! Don’t mess with my babies!!! Father…♡ Sunny… Was brave…☆ “Our daddy is da best..b” By seeing Sunny, they can perceive that Sunny’s strong enough to be their leader Oh, look at them rushing to you Wow, seeing you from a totally different angle Shrug My babies.. are not naughty doggos anymore♡

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  9. Rather redundant. Owner have a big yard, could have consider setting up agility equipments for the pups to play in, OR sent the pups for obedience training, OR could have train them himself with treats, love and patience, not missing that most dogs listen better and learn well, given that, they have an older dog with them leading by examples.

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